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The best way to communicate en masse. Use it to say holá to all, to make an announcement, or to ask a question. You might be looking for someone, and maybe another alum will have a clue. This message board has already facilitated dozens of "lost classmate" finds, re-connections, and mini-reunions. Don't just read the board and leave, put a little graffiti of your own on there....

|| Toro Talk ~ Chat Room ||
It's exciting when a long lost friend turns up on the Message Board. And "mind-blowing" to finally connect and feel those years melt away... before you know it, it seems like it was just yesterday. Make an appointment to meet at the chat room. This is a NEW (2007) feature which is actually working now. When the page loads, type in whatever user name you wish to use and hit chat; it is NOT necessary to "register" to get to the room. The room is open 24/7 for our use. In addition to making appointments to meet via message board, Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Central Time have been designated as official times to try to have as many as possible meet up. During these times, ideally, since this is a re-connect room, you should use a nickname/userid that will make it easy for folks to identify you. As the message tells you when you log in: "Please obey the net etiquette while chatting: try to be pleasant and polite." We're used to having our friends scattered all over the planet, but with an internet connection and these Toro Talk pages your ZHS Alum buddies will never be far away again.

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