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Other ZHS Sites/Directories/Hangouts

Zaragoza High School ~ Zebra's Page
Jack Leighton, Class of 1961, has a web page devoted to those who attended our hallowed halls between 1958 and 1964, when Zabbies were known as Zebras. The school was closed from 1965 to 1970 and in 1971, the Toros were "born". Lots of photos, reunion information, message board, and more...
Zaragoza High School ~ Toroscope Page
Dan Hess, Class of 1978, has scanned the pages of our yearbooks and placed them on-line. You can view (in entirety) any or all of the yearbooks between 1958 and 1992. Extras include "Blast from the Past", "Living Yearbook", and "In Memorium" pages.
Zaragoza Jr./Sr. High School
Teresa (Tess) Almond has created a web site focusing on those who were at ZAB in the late seventies and early eighties. Lots of extras, including Reunion Information, pictures, Toros Group (email list), etc....
Zaragoza Toros (ZAB Alumni ~ FACEBOOK Group
Facebook has surpassed My Space and there are now hundreds of Zabbies enrolled. Not ALL have yet joined the group but there are growing numbers of "pockets" of ZHS friends out there who are linked to each other and we should probably ALL go ahead and join the group as well.
ZABTOROS ~ My Space Group
Zabbies were bound to eventually find and join the myspace phenomenon; Chris Tomkinson has set up a group site for Zaragoza Alumni at My Space. The membership is over 90 and growing.
All High
Another site to use to try to find classmates, not just from overseas schools, but from all schools.
You can add contact info, a current photo, what you are up to, search for friends, plan a reunion, and much more! This service is free.
World Alumni Net
Bringing school friends together again.
Classmates Online
This site lets you register for free and then charges a small fee to access their database information. They supply only names and e-mail addresses.

Our Rival High School Links

Madrid High School -- Class of 1965
DGF High School Rota Admirals Association
The American School of Madrid
The American School of Madrid Alumni - Go Lancers Page
The Unofficial ASM Home Page

Overseas/Military Alumni Sites & Directories

Military-Brats Registry International
Assisting current and former Military Brats in finding each other.
3D Network Company
The 3D Network Company - networking and doing business with one another is a good way to maintain relationships and foster success.
Overseas Brats On-Line
A Resource for Children of the Cold War
The-Seeker... Militarily Seeking
Find out if someone has PLACED a message for you.


Recetas de España
If you haven't had an authentic Spanish meal since you hit stateside, your days of longing for "real" paella are over. Good news also for those who crave tortilla de patatas, sweet flan and pan de horno (that awesome Spanish bread).
La Tienda
Fine products from Spain - order online. Brought to you by a family formerly stationed in Rota who missed all this stuff, and figured that we would too!
Need to translate English to Spanish (or French or Italian or German or Portuguese) or vice versa? Use Alta Vista's translation software online.
El Pais Digital
A Spanish newspaper on-line. Written in Spanish.
A spanish magazine on-line... written in English. Extremely well done, full of info and color.
Boadas 1880
Call or e-mail to order Spanish food stuff.

ZHS Alumni Page Links

Library Research on the Internet ~ Joni Flowers - 1980
Dolores Gargus - 1978
Dan Hess' Personal Websight ~ Daniel Hess - 1978
Knobna 1978 ~ Krista Hurley - 1978
Spectare ~ James Laurel - 1978
The 735 Band ~ Brent Clements - 1975
Studio 735 ~ Brent Clements - 1975
Impinj ~ Bill Colleran - 1979

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